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Today 19.11.2017
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# Subject
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 What is the Internet?
Who owns the Internet?
Presentation about Web 2.0
Video Presentation about Web 2.0 (Gavin Dudeney) (What is Web 2.0?)
Web 2.0 and Language Learning (What web 2.0 elements are mentioned in this video?)
Ice-Breaking Activity
Home task: 1. Pass Test for Unit 2; 2. Watch 2 videos for Unit 2 (see above); 3. Think about your future Project work (your web-site topic and main concept).
Unit 3 Modern Communication Tools and Netiquette Rules.
Discussing your future Project Work and Concepts.
BBC modern English: 'Netizen' (*.mp3, 500 Kb).
What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying: Let's fight it together!
Cyberbullying with different technologies (*.doc, 85 Kb)
How not to be a victim of cyberbullying?
How to be safe online? (quiz)
Web 2.0 element: 'Facebook' website.
Hometask: 1. Pass Test for Unit 3. 2. Register yourself on Facebook.com. 3. Find your groupmates on Facebook.com and add them as your friends. 4. Think how Facebook.com can be used for your website.
Unit 4 The World Wide Web.
BBC modern English: 'e-' (915 Kb, *.mp3).
Search Engines. To Google or not to Google?
Searching for competitors' websites using Google.com.
Web 2.0 element: 'Twitter' website.
What is Twitter?
Twitter Vision
Unit 5 Planning Your Web-Site.
BBC modern English: 'Blog' (*.mp3, 600 Kb)
Web 2.0 element: Using blogs to share your ideas. Describe your website and post this description to the blog (click NEW POST at the right top corner on the page). Comment on 2 postings of your groupmates and add up your ideas to help him/her to develop the website more (click COMMENT at the bottom of the groupmate's posting).
Unit 6 Hypertext Markup Language. Webpage Creator.
Macromedia Dreamweaver HTML Editor (video).
BBC modern English: 'WYSIWYG' (*.mp3, 615 Kb) .
Unit 7 Usability. What is Usability? (video)
Watching a videofilm: an American Professor's lecture about Usability.
Web 2.0 element: 'YouTube' website.
Unit 8 Module Control 1
Unit 9 Formatting Web-Documents.
BBC modern English: 'Text' (*.mp3, 1 Mb) .
Web 2.0 element: Podcasts.
What is Podcasting? (video, 3min)
BBC podcasting website for learning English
Tools for creating your own Podcasts: 1) VoiceTread website, 2) Audacity website.
Tools for placing your Podcasts on the Net: Podcasting Studio website.
Unit 10 Hyperlinks.
BBC modern English: 'Spam' (*.mp3, 1.12 Mb) .
RSS technology: What is it? (wiki)
What is RSS? (video).
Web 2.0 element: 'Del.icio.us' website.
What does a 'Social Bookmarking' mean? (video)
Unit 11 Adobe Photoshop. Optimizing web-graphics.
BBC modern English: 'F.A.Q.' (*.mp3, 900 Kb).
Web 2.0 element: 'Flickr' website
Play a game: How good tagger are you?.
Unit 12 Colour Palettes for web-site Creation. Colour Design.
Curves in Photoshop (video).
Perspectives in Photoshop (video).
Effects in Photoshop (video)
Web 2.0 element: 'Voicethread' (website).
What is VoiceThread? (video)
Unit 13 Placing a web-site on the Internet, Meta Tags and Indexing. Google services (what can these tools be used for?): http://www.se-inspector.com; http://www.se-keywords.com/; http://www.se-check.com/; http://www.se-rank.com/; .
Unit 14 Presentation of a thesis for your Project Work
Unit 15 Module Control 2

Tests for Knowledge

Preliminary Questionnaire:
Ready for Distance Learning or not?
(14 questions)

Test for Unit 1. Introduction
(4 questions)
Test for Unit 2. The Internet History
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 3. Modern Communication Tools and Rules (10 questions)
Test for Unit 4. The WWW.
Search Engines (10 questions)
Test for Unit 5. Web-Sites
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 6. Hypertext Markup Language
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 7. Usability
(10 questions)

Module Test for Week 8
(20 questions, PASS THIS TEST ONLY ONCE!)

Test for Unit 9. Formating Web-documents
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 10. Hyperlinks
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 11. Optimizing graphics
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 12. Colour Palettes for Web-site Creation
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 13. Indexing Your Web-site on English Search Engines
(10 questions)
Test for Unit 14. Presentation of a Thesis for your Project Work
(10 questions)

Final Test for Week 15
(20 questions, PASS THIS TEST ONLY ONCE!)


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